Latex clothing has been in fashion for few decades now and has been adorned by several celebrities till date. Latex rubber is used to make these clothes. The most common latex clothes are bodysuits, jackets and gloves.Generally, latex clothing is made from rolls of large sheets of latex.

The most commonly used color in latex clothing is black. However, there is no natural color of latex, and it just looks like a translucent substance. That's why latex can be dyed into any color easily, from white to metallic and florescent shades. The thickness of latex sheets vary with manufacturers and also the requirements of the industries. Usually, the thickness varies from 0.2mm to 0.5mm.

The biggest advantage of latex clothes is that instead of being stitched like regular clothes, these clothes can also be glued together.  One of the misconceptions about latex clothing is that it is very strong, as it is made from rubber. However, the truth is latex clothing can be quite weak; depending upon the thickness of the sheet used and might require special care to avoid tearing it. In case there is a minor tear or hole occurs in latex clothing, the repairing process is similar to that used in repairing a bicycle tire. This depreciates the look and value of the clothing considerably. The shiny appearance of the clothing is a result of implementing specially designed polishing techniques. Polishing this clothing makes it appear attractive and also helps in its preservation.

Latex clothing like gloves and shoe covers are often used in the medical field.  One common complain regarding latex clothing has been the irritation it can cause to skin if worn without the application of talc or lotion. Since latex clothes are quite tight fitting, if the wearer tries to wear it forcibly on dry skin, it can cause irritation or burning sensation.

Applying a thin layer of talc or body lotion before wearing latex clothes reduces the friction against skin. Some people also chlorinate their latex clothes to reduce the friction caused by them. There are some important points one should consider before purchasing latex clothing. Quality. It is essential that the quality of the product is excellent, to ensure no rashes or skin problems are caused wearing the clothes. Good quality also means that the product is durable and has longevity.

Most popular brands of latex clothes sell clothing post chlorination, so that the buyers don't have problems while wearing them. It is preferred that the seams of these clothes are glued and not molded, as molded latex does not last long and break easily. Fit. Latex clothing should be body hugging to look the best. That's why it is advisable to get customized latex clothes than purchasing the ready-made ones. Since the shape and size of each person varies, the ready-made clothes might not fit properly and the aesthetic value of the product is lost.